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Holy Tomato! [Wholemato Review]

Holy Tomato! [Wholemato Review via Caroline Treadway]
by Caroline Treadway on Nov 6, 2008 | Edit

wholemato original hi rez mini

I don’t even like ketchup, ordinarily, and I could eat this stuff by the spoonful—it’s that good. Nothing like the creepy red goop that lasts forever in your fridge. So rinse out your high-fructose corn syrup-encrusted bottles of you-know-who, recycle them, and get your hands on Wholemato. It’s organic, gluten-free, agave-sweetened and best of all, delicious. French fries, sweet fries, grass-fed and veggie burgers alike will delight in the complex flavors that unwind from these bottles—a fragrant depth and balanced sweetness unheard of in a ketchup. Compare fine Chianti to stale box wine. I recommend spicy but original is yummy, too. Visit the site.

wholemato spicymini

Check out my review on Wholemato’s site here!

And on elephantjournal.com!

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