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Smithsonianscience.org just posted my photo!

Mike Henley, Invertebrate Exhibit keeper at the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park, feeds a piece of shrimp to an elegance coral in a Zoo aquarium as Invertebrate Curator Alan Peters looks on. In mid-November an international team of coral experts gathered at the National Zoo for a two-day workshop on coral conservation. Coral reefs are some of the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on earth and one-quarter of all marine life depends upon them. However, around the world, corals are facing grave threats. Colonies that have been flourishing for thousands of years are dying because of environmental damage, destructive fishing practices, pollution from industrial waste, and global warming, which causes coral bleaching. (Photo by Caroline Treadway)

Mary Hagedorn is one of the most passionate scientists I’ve met. She’s the world’s premier coral cryopreservationist and is building frozen repositories around the world to protect endangered coral species. Coral is highly sensitive to climate change and nearly all of the Acropora cervicornus and Acropora palmata which once formed thriving reefs around the Caribbean and other areas, is gone. Check out the Smithsonian’s web site!

Nov. 10, 2009-Mary Hagedorn demonstrates the cryopreserving coral at the National Zoo's Invertebrate exhibit in Washington, D.C.

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