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Blizzard 2010 Claims Internet, Productivity Soars

Feb 6, 2010-Irie and Parker forge through the blizzard!

Last night I was starting to think this whole storm thing was a joke. Schools were cancelled, the Zoo closed at 12, and I’d spent hours in line at the supermarket before a single flake even fell, which seemed kinda overkill. But when I woke up this morning, there was 2 feet of snow! I’ve shoveled three times today and it just keeps coming! We’re lucky to have power, not to mention I haven’t had internet all day. So my question is, what do YOU do without the best distraction of all, the internet?

Feb. 6, 2010-Irie gets swallowed by snow.

My internet-less day was extremely productive. I wrote more than I have in a long time, put on my zebra spandex and went for a run on freshly plowed streets, took a couple photos, made some phone calls, basically I just relaxed. I did whatever I wanted. Without the internet, I was free from the pressure to keep up, free from the sense of missing out, and free to concentrate on the task at hand, guilt-free. I can’t wait to unplug again.

Feb. 6, 2010-Irie swallowed by snow.

Without all those facebook-filled hours, my day actually seemed longer. And I could think. Which made me realize that the internet is my current assignment’s greatest enemy, not to mention my psyche which turns to mush processing all the instant info. There’ve even been times I’ve found the internet boring. Who’d’ve guessed! Everything you could ever want to know about anything is literally at your fingertips, and it’s like, “eh, I’m bored.”

On my run, I noticed that other people had unplugged, too. They too had gotten off their computer-imprisoned asses. Plows had sealed in our cars, which were useless anyways since the stores were all closed, and without public transportation, there was no other choice but to go outside and walk—Families were out in force, bundled up, with umbrellas, towing kids on sleds. It was like the old days, practically primitive.

Feb. 6, 2010-Parker checks out the flakes.

Feb. 6, 2010-Snow-covered tree in the front yard.

Feb. 6, 2010-Side yard.

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