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Hallett boulder~take one

The Hallett's boulder, RMNP.

I hiked up to the Hallett’s boulder for the first time in a long while and it kicked my ass. We left Boulder around 3 and the skies were black by the time we reached Estes. A light gray drizzle swallowed the surrounding peaks in an unmoving dark mass. It was probably the worst I’ve ever seen it, but we headed up anyways, and hiked into a rainless sphere of fast-moving clouds and hazy sun. Alpine flowers bloomed in recently thawed crevices below Dragontail Couloir and rainbows arced over the valley towards Estes. The light was awesome, the weather was perfect, and the descent was fast. Turns out my memory of the hike was pretty accurate—lots of postholing and traversing over excitingly loose scree. And sneaker-skiing down a semi solid surface over hidden rocks and pits definitely requires a certain focus. Here are some photos from the day!

Driving by an Aspen grove in RMNP.

Alpine flowers above the Hallett boulder, Hallett Peak, RMNP.

The Hallett boulder, RMNP.

Chad Greedy by the Hallett boulder, RMNP.

VIew from the Hallett boulder, RMNP.

Waterfall up at the Hallett boulder, RMNP.

View from the Hallett boulder, RMNP.

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