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t4three profile of the week!

Photo by Robin Puro.

My good friend Robin Puro – a talented rock climber, chef and writer – recently interviewed me about food. In her newest writing project, Robin asks 10 cuisine-related questions to average people and compiles them on her blog – t4three, dedicated to all things delicious. I’m honored to be the first!

Profile of the Week: Caroline

How does food fit into other people’s lives? In the profile series, Tea for Three will showcase short interviews with a wide variety of random folk to get a glimpse of their mind, their stomach, and what the two have to say to one another.

Name: Caroline
Profession: Journalist

T43: What are you drinking right now?
C: Gyokuro green tea
T43: Why’d you choose that?
C: It’s super good and super expensive. But if you just get a pot, it’s super affordable.

T43: Tell me about your earliest memory that involves food.
C: Mom! I was lucky enough to have a mom who was really healthy. My earliest memory was when I was actually allowed to have something bad for me like bread and butter sandwiches.
T43: What kind of bread?
C: We only had whole wheat.
T43: You didn’t get Rainbow Bread?
C: No way! Sometimes we had pumpernickel. We’d get cinnamon toast for snacks. Or raw vegetables with salt. Celery, cucumbers. Rabbit food.

T43: List three foods you couldn’t live without.
C: Green tea, salt, red licorice.
T43: Red licorice? Really? You don’t think it tastes like wax?
C: I like the Panda brand. It’s sort of healthy.

T43: Do you have a favorite meal that you cook?
C: I love making chicken soup from scratch. It only has four ingredients: celery, carrots, onion (I think they call that the Western Trinity) and chicken.

T43: Have you ever had a cooking disaster?
C: Oh my God. Which one? I had a disaster making a Dutch Baby… it turned into a half inch thick hard pancake. It’s so easy to make actually. Unless they collapse. There was also the split pea soup I made when we were kayaking in Alaska. We were so hungry and it took like an hour and a half and it was burnt and disgusting, but we couldn’t have any waste so we had to stuff it all down anyways.

T43: What’s your ‘go-to’ ingredient?
C: Salt. Or raw cookie dough.

T43: What dish best describes you?
C: Macaroni and cheese because it’s the perfect comfort food. I try to create that sense of nourishment and comfort and childhood memories in other dishes.

T43: I know you just made 300 ice cream sandwiches for your sister’s wedding. How was that?
C: Very tedious. But they turned out to be so delicious! The tedious part was that I only had one cookie sheet. That was a drag. But we got an assembly line going. Ice cream sandwiches are so fun – you can use cookie cutters to make all sorts of different shapes.
T43: What flavor were yours?
C: Just chocolate chip with vanilla. They were a huge hit!

T43: What’s your ultimate comfort food?
C: Macaroni and cheese

T43: Favorite pie?
C: Pumpkin. So good.

T43: Do you have a food philosophy?
C: It’s different than how I eat! Food should be healthy and enjoyed with friends in a positive environment. I just wish that happened more. It’s about enjoyment of life. We’re just rushing around eating – I hate that. It shouldn’t be a negative experience. I’m trying to change that. I think I have a dysfunctional relationship with food. But doesn’t everyone? So many people telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. Cooking is all about transformation.


T43: Thanks, Caroline!!

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