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3 Ways to Outsmart Spring

The mega classic Stanley thermos.

I know it’s Spring, but seriously, it’s still cold outside. The sun feels warm, especially after months of vitamin D deprivation, but step into the shade and you’re right back to winter. It’s tricky to properly prepare for Spring adventures. Whether you’re sport climbing at a local crag, hiking into the high alpine or bike commuting to work, layer too lightly and you’ll freeze your butt off. Dress too warmly and you’ll sweat and curse the heavy pack you’re lugging around all day. Even in desert climes like southern Utah, New Mexico and Texas, where the difference between sun and shade can feel like summer vs. winter, spring requires you prepare for both seasons at once. I’ve found a few key ways to outsmart spring’s fickle temps. These three items will keep you warm in the shade, cool in the sun, and won’t slow you down with winter weight. Read the rest of the story on venturethere.com.

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